The Playroom Method is a patented-applied-for system that allows students to have unlimited access to high-quality recordings of their music lessons. Each student receives a log-in id and a pass code to access a video playback of their lessons online. This gives students the ability review their individual instruction and recall what they learned. Students can play the video as often as they desire and even view prior lessons to evaluate their progress over time.

Why does it work? The Playroom Method addresses three different challenges that parents and students face with traditional private music lessons: retention, practice motivation and commitment.

Research shows that only 30% of the material covered in a music lesson is remembered. Our-patented-applied-for teaching system allows students to review their entire lesson at any time ensuring none of the valuable instructional material is ever lost or forgotten.

Practice Motivation
This generation of children and youth are proficient with technology. Our instrument-computer interface, equips students with tools and techniques that help them make the most of their individual practice time. Parents can also encourage their child(ren's) practice habits between lessons, with full knowledge of the goals and expectations set by the teacher in the previous lesson.

Our state-of-the-art approach to music education encourages students to pursue music long-term by providing a tangible way to view their own progress over time. Even more students are enabled and encouraged to share their successes with parents, grandparents and others. This creates a unique support system for encouragement and motivation that often leads to long-term commitment and success.

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