Intro To Music

The Intro To Music course is the perfect way to sample our four most popular courses!

Undecided on your music studies? The Playroom Academy of Music is proud to offer the Intro To Music course to help students determine their individual strengths and preferences by sampling each of our four most popular courses of study over a 16 week program.

Each lesson is 30 minutes and includes our patented video lesson recording system that allows students to review their lessons online for optimal retention and practice.

Our Intro To Music course eliminates the guess works in choosing your instrument by providing the student with a variety of first-hand experiences while simultaneously allowing our educated instructors to evaluate areas of individual strength.

The Program Consists of:

Voice Segment - 4 Lessons

Piano Segment - 4 Lessons

Drum Segment - 4 Lessons

Guitar Segment - 4 Lessons

Class Cost

$140 Per Segment (4 lessons - Includes all books)

$99.95 Enrollment Fee

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    Lessons for every major instrument

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    In addition to lessons,

    we also offer Intro to Music, Guitars on the Go, and so much more!

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    Unlimited access to lessons

    Students have access to high-quality recordings of their music lessons.

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