Welcome to the Playroom Academy of Music (PAM). We are the nation’s leading community-based school of music offering a unique blend of quality instruction and innovative technology. PAM offers private (and some group) instruction for every major band and orchestra instrument, piano, guitar, and voice. We even provide lessons in mandolin and banjo! In addition, we offer a wide-range of classes in music production, audio engineering, and computer-based recording techniques that set PAM apart from other music schools.

The Playroom Academy of Music, founded by veteran musician Eddie Z, is dedicated to fostering a love of music through highly successful teaching techniques. Located in the heart of Baxter Village in Fort Mill, SC, we have assembled a highly talented and diverse team of instructors to ensure each individual student achieves their musical and creative goals. Our commitment to fostering a love of music in students of all ages is evident through our branded programs such as Guitars On The Go, and innovative summer camp programs.


In addition to music lessons, the Playroom Academy also operates a retail music store featuring top brand musical instruments, accessories and equipment for sale and rental. Visit our retail page for a complete list of brands we carry and current specials.